A campaign to launch Wirefund as an alternative business finance provider

The brief

Wirefund needed a forceful campaign that would challenge traditional finance routes and persuade SME owners to acknowledge alternatives. Aspectus was tasked with launching the business, building credibility through brand recognition, securing media coverage and driving social engagement.

Twitter followers rose from 50 to 360
pieces of coverage, including Daily Mail, Forbes & The Telegraph
loan applications rose from 11 to 40

The result

Wirefund now works with 22 brokers, all of which came from seeing the campaign press coverage in national and specialist media, or from our direct marketing. The campaign set Wirefund apart, and resulted in a PR Moment award nomination.

Aspectus has delivered the most value across all of our marketing efforts. We have really seen the impact with our broker channel, which is where a lot of our business comes from.

Amit Sankey, CEO and founder

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