As a new brand with a truly innovative product, MIVOLT asked us for an awareness-raising, buzz-generating media campaign. 

MIVOLT had developed an important immersion cooling system that would transform battery-charging times and accelerate the take up of electric vehicles. With EV manufacturers, policymakers and even datacenter operators as our core target, we developed a media campaign to create a real buzz around the technology.  



PR & Comms



Our Approach

Our client MIDEL had developed a new brand – MIVOLT – which it needed to launch with as much fanfare as possible. The new brand was all about cooling solutions for EV batteries and their charging infrastructure. We needed to create a buzz around MIVOLT’s launch to draw in potential customers and also educate both OEMs and policymakers on the benefits of immersion cooling. 

We launched MIVOLT with an initial press release and a series of media interview opportunities to introduce its spokespeople to important publications. We followed up with a series of thought-leadership articles and educational  blogs. These focused on specific issues such as battery recycling and charging points and played a key role in our simultaneous SEO campaign. To maintain the momentum, we helped MIVOLT to repurpose some of that content for a sponsored LinkedIn campaign.  

All in the details

EV Editorial 

The targeted trade press recognized an innovative and interesting solution when they saw it. We got the details out to target trade media and secured 16 pieces of valuable coverage in titles like Inside EVs, Charged EVs, Electrive and Fleet News

Interview Results 

We also managed to secure five interviews for MIVOLT’s spokespeople, enabling them to explain why their solution is so necessary and answer any editorial questions from outlets like Fleet Point and Greentech Media

Industry Interest 

It wasn’t just journalists who were interested in MIVOLT’s story. With the media campaign in full spring, the company got significant interest from the industry, including approaches from major energy companies and auto manufacturers.  

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