At Aspectus we are determined that our business reflects the tapestry of our nation – that’s why we want people like you to come and work for us.

For anyone that may be questioning if university is right for them, we have an exciting apprenticeship opportunity for a different avenue to start your career in communications.

Addressing the problem

Getting amazing results for our clients is reliant on varied thinking, innovative problem solving and creative ideas that come from having a diverse team. Yet, more than 9 in 10 PR professionals classify themselves as white and three quarters possess a degree. That’s why we’re providing another opportunity to traditional university, another option for the many talented people at the start of their careers.

We’re looking for passionate individuals that represent the diverse make-up of this society to join us for a fully paid, two-year placement, a hands-on course that will provide you with experience across all aspects of communications at one of the leading agencies in the UK. It will give you the best start to your professional life.

You’ll receive:

  • On the job training at an ambitious organisation that is recognised by PR Week as one of the fastest growing in the country, with the opportunity to work across our five divisions:
    • Financial services
    • Technology
    • Energy
    • Capital markets
    • Digital marketing
  • An industry recognised PR or digital marketing accreditation
  • Establishing your digital marketing, writing, interpersonal and business skills
  • Learning in teams and one-on-one with a dedicated curriculum, where you’ll have a role to play in planning and delivering media campaigns and setting the direction and goals of organisations
  • Building your knowledge of the media landscape – you’ll understand what makes a headline-grabbing story and establish relationships with influential journalists so they come to you for ground-breaking news
  • Interaction with business leaders and major stakeholders

What also comes with that opportunity is an environment that supports you to grow. Working at Aspectus isn’t about being put into a box, it’s about helping you build your own box to stand on and shout.

Your grades don’t define you

This isn’t your typical placement because it isn’t just your grades we’re interested in. A career in communications isn’t set by A*s and As, it’s drive, unique personalities, passion, leadership, and creative thinking that will see you flourish.

Why apply?

Perhaps communications is a career you hadn’t considered – perhaps it’s one you didn’t even know existed – but its more than a job, it’s an experience that offers untold variety and the opportunity to truly make a difference for businesses, while constantly evolving your skills, confidence and strategic thinking.

So, if you’re ambitious, collaborative, open-minded and feel that traditional university isn’t for you, maybe this is. Our 2023 program is no open for applications, please apply here. 

Our apprentices

Meet our current apprentices Sophie and Emilio, who started our scheme in September 2022. They are going through rotations within each of our sectors including, financial services, technology, energy & industrials, capital markets and our digital team, before they begin their qualification later this year. We recognise it’s important to provide hands-on experience of B2B integrated communications and digital marketing, supported with the foundational knowledge from an independent, nationally recognised PR and marketing apprenticeship course.

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