AI Usage Statement

As you’d expect from an agency that prides itself on its forward-looking insights, we are actively exploring how we could and should integrate elements of AI technology into our ways of working, to deliver better outcomes for clients.  

At this point, we see ‘human-in-the-loop’ – aka our expert human involvement to check, edit and improve AI-supported activities as fundamental – putting us in line with the key thinkers and researchers in this space. We believe that the powerful combination of industry-specialist marketer layered with intelligent use of AI tools has the potential to improve the value we deliver for clients by automating initial drafts of some repetitive, rules-based activities or non-creative content, allowing our team to focus on higher-value creativity and strategy.  

Given the proliferation of technologies that have emerged in the last year, we are still trialing various tools to find the solutions that work best for our agency style, clients, industries and use cases. 

We have a carefully-researched AI-use policy internally, designed to protect data security, while at the same time employing checks and balances by our industry specialists to ensure quality and accuracy and identify any AI-introduced bias. This, as with all work we do runs alongside and is protected by our zero-risk, government-verified security policy that is designed to safeguard all data that is handled by Aspectus.  

As our use of these tools becomes more established, we anticipate being able to funnel more of our energy into our intelligent insights to deliver even smarter campaigns, as well as taking our reporting and analysis to the next level to drive even more success for clients.  

We also see our role as helping our clients to interpret how AI technologies can improve the performance of marketing for their business – and keeping a watchful eye on what form the future might take.