Avantia asked us to build their brand awareness to become more attractive to potential buyers. 

We took a business with no previous marketing initiatives, and positioned them as thought leaders within their space. Through tactical media outreach methods and utilizing the client’s proprietary data, we were able to capture significant pieces of coverage over six months.  



PR & Comms


Financial Services

Our Approach

Avantia needed help to raise its profile in the insurance and fintech media with a view to a possible sale.  Avantia had never done any PR or marketing activity previously so there was a lot of brand awareness to build. We focused on promoting Avantia’s industry-leading risk and retail pricing technology which specializes in non-standard claims. To maximize our media opportunities for a company with limited ‘news’, we pursued multiple routes, including thought leadership articles, placing reactive commentary and using Avantia’s proprietary data to create stories.  

Results we’re proud of


Pieces of coverage over 6 months 


Secured an exclusive story with Insurance Times using Avantia data on the hardest types of property to insure​ 


pieces of coverage for product announcement​

All in the details

Clear identity

A clear identity built around what makes Avantia’s offering different.

Relationships brokered

A number of important media relationships brokered.

Profile raised

A significant uplift in Avantia’s industry profile.

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