MIDEL asked us to turn transformer risk into a newsworthy story that would appeal to broad audiences.

MIDEL is the expert in the field. But although it has important consequences for all industry sectors, that field was relatively obscure. Our task was to explain the issue and its relevance to a wide range of industry leaders – and build MIDEL’s profile in the process. 



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Our Approach

When you want to build awareness of the risks posed by transmission and distribution transformers to different demographics and industries, you need to call on the experts. That’s what MIDEL did. It needed a PR and digital marketing team that could understand its very niche field, and then define it as the go-to expert for non-expert audiences. 

The first step was to create relatable content that we could promote to a broad audience beyond MIDEL’s existing network. We created a survey to measure industry sentiment and created a piece of hero content. The Transformer Risk Report positioned MIDEL as the industry experts on transformer risk. To get maximum value from the work, we used it as the basis for two social media posts, infographic content and a sponsored InMail campaign targeted electrical engineers and procurement managers. 

Results we’re proud of


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Media Coverage 

We generated 16 pieces of quality coverage in various industry media looking at the issues raised by The Transformer Risk Report.  

Better Backlinks 

We also used the campaign to produce high-value backlinks that would increase MIDEL’s visibility in search. These included major industry titles such as TD World and Energy Digital.

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