With a strong message against proposed legislation on UK construction, Stora Enso asked us to spread the word.

During a legislative consultation period, Stora Enso needed to inform stakeholders and policymakers about the commercial and environmental benefits of timber-based construction. We got to work with a strong, message-driven media campaign – and soon expanded our remit. 



PR & Comms



Our Approach

Stora Enso is one of the Europe’s biggest developers of renewable products in packaging, biomaterials and wooden construction. When potential new legislation banning the use of structural timber in England’s high-rise buildings threatened to kill the UK timber market, the company needed to respond. It tasked us with raising its profile so it could influence a range of stakeholders. 

The first task was messaging: finding the ideas, concepts and language that would resonate most with core stakeholder groups and encourage them to respond to the government’s pre-legislation consultancy. With messages established, worked up the ideas into a series of thought-leadership articles calling for stakeholders to make their voices heard. To maintain media interest, keep the message front of mind, and maintain trust in the Stora Enso brand, we pitched interviews with its top subject matter experts to influential journalists. 

All in the details

Influential Coverage 

During the course of the consultancy period, we secured 16 pieces of coverage in leading trade media including Construction Magazine, PBC Today, The Architect’s Newspaper and Architects Data File.  

National News 

We secured a landmark interview with the BBC’s Environmental Editor, which ran as the top story on the BBC site. Stora Enso dominated the narrative, commenting alongside a spokesperson from the Committee for Climate Change.  

Expanded Remit  

After the initial campaign, we were asked to raise awareness of Stora Enso in the UK market, focusing on its design concepts for schools, industry and offices and the launch of Sylva its’ flat pack approach to construction 

Raised Awareness 

We secured 76 pieces of media coverage (against a target of 40), including 17 for the launch of Sylva. British Business Focus, Informed Infrastructure, Sustainability Voices and The Times in London all covered Stora Enso.  

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