Building European brand awareness for an American renewable energy platform

The brief

Leading American renewable energy procurement platform, LevelTen Energy asked for help building its profile among both buyers and sellers in Europe by leveraging its existing expertise and experience gained in the US.

developers currently on the platform, from just a handful previously
interview opportunities
pieces of top tier coverage with 14 pieces secured for the European launch announcement

The results

Over six months we helped grow LevelTen’s profile among both buyers and sellers in Europe by securing 30 pieces of top-tier coverage including Raconteur, Montel, and S&P Platts, with European launch coverage alone read by more than 18 million people.

LevelTen is now ever-present within the clean energy conversation.

”LevelTen is a hot topic in the European renewable energy space thanks to top-tier coverage Aspectus garnered in trade and business outlets.”

Christin Camacho, Director of Marketing & Communications
LevelTen Energy

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