Foreside asked us to look at its paid advertising strategy and find ways to improve its results.

Foreside’s paid advertising strategy wasn’t delivering the kinds of leads it was looking for, and it wasn’t delivering value for money. Having put the strategy under the microscope, we developed ways to improve all of Foreside’s metrics.



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Our Approach

After several business acquisitions, Foreside was looking to cement its brand as the market leader for fund compliance solutions in the US. It had been running several paid search and display campaigns with some success, but they didn’t have the scalability to create meaningful impact. It was time for a thorough review and, if necessary, overhaul of the strategy.  Our financial services and capital markets specialists already knew exactly who Foreside was targeting, while our digital marketing experts knew exactly how to optimize flagging paid advertising campaigns. Working together they refined Foreside’s campaign to target only potential prospects with a strong intent to purchase. Then they stripped out expensive but ineffective keywords and display placements to help maximize the budget in high-opportunity areas – and improve the rate of impression share across all campaigns.  

Results we’re proud of


Decrease in average cost per lead


Increase in search expression share


Increase in qualified leads

All in the details

Qualified Leads 

Once we had revamped Foreside’s paid advertising campaign, the company saw the number of qualified leads for its fund compliance solutions increase by 22 percent.  

Return on Investment 

With inefficient keywords and strategies out of the picture, Foreside found that the average cost per lead went down by nearly 60 percent – a huge improvement on ROI. 

Campaign Efficiency 

The profitability of Foreside’s Google Ads campaigns also went up. The vital metric here is cost per click, which went down by nearly 25 percent after campaign optimization. 

Brand Awareness 

The campaign improved Foreside’s overall visibility in search results. So much so, that the company experienced an increase in search impression share of almost 70 percent. 

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