Our brief was to launch the SRSS technology and support its journey to commercialisation with a funnel-based strategy. 

Enteq Technologies acquired an exclusive license from Shell for its rotary steerable drilling system (SRSS). Rotary steerable drilling systems offer a major advancement in directional drilling with ‘point the bit’ and ‘push the bit’ technology, enabling a cleaner cut borehole than sliding a steerable motor. This is a transformation development, offering customers a mechanically simpler, more reliable, precise and cost-effective alternative to currently available technologies.



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Our Approach

Developing the brand strategy was an essential first step in understanding the technology’s critical points of difference and the most effective messaging to target key audiences. We then developed a brand name for the technology that told its story both literally and figuratively: the SABER (Steer-at-bit Enteq Rotary) Tool. ​

Using the messaging, we built a targeted keyword list to optimise all campaign content with the aim of increasing organic online visibility.​ To tease the launch, we then announced the appointment of technology director Neil Bird, followed swiftly by the product launch to capitalise on audience interest via traditional and social media channels.​

To sustain momentum, we are now crafting a paid LinkedIn campaign to amplify the organic release and developing a thought leadership on directional drilling to educate audiences.​

Results we’re proud of


Pieces of top trade coverage including an interview with JPT


Increase in website traffic during the announcements


Increase in average session duration

All in the details

Top stories

Top two stories in Google News for “directional drilling” in the two weeks following launch​.

Increased visibility

11.8% increase in users for the US and a 93% for China – two strategically important regions for our campaign​.

Strong engagement

One LinkedIn post generated 169 likes and 70 comments increasing impressions by 5k%​.

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