PeoplePerHour asked us to solve the mystery of its website’s declining search results and restore peak performance. 

A well-established jobs platform like PeoplePerHour needs a website that works perfectly at every level. So when search performance continued to decline, our SEO team was on hand to fix the problem. 



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Our Approach

A well-established freelancer jobs platform, PeoplePerHour had experienced a gradual decline in organic web traffic over the past year. Its SEO wasn’t delivering and that wasn’t good for business. Naturally, the company wanted to understand why it had seen such a drop-off in performance so it could reverse the trend as quickly as possible. Our SEO experts started by running extensive audits of PeoplePerHour’s competition online, as well as its own underlying technical search optimizations, and on-page SEO. The audit showed that there were two main technical issues: canonical linking and missing HTML attributes within internal paginated links. Once we had the diagnosis, PeoplePerHour could fix the problems and get its website back to peak performance. 

Results we’re proud of


Increase in organic traffic


New linking domains


Toxic domains disavowed

All in the details

Linking Domains 

While exploring the technical issues with the website, an additional 4,000 linking domains were discovered and brought into service. 

Domain Detox 

The audit showed that the website had more than 15,000 toxic links that were undermining performance. Disavowing these toxic links also boosted performance.  

Domain Authority 

Having increased the number of helpful links and scrubbed away the damaging ones, the site’s domain authority increased from 70 to 80 – with better search rankings to match. 

“Aspectus have been a fountain of knowledge for us here at PeoplePerHour and we will be forever grateful for their help in developing our ranking and traffic. We always felt safe in the knowledge that our traffic was being monitored with the attention to detail needed to flag anything important as soon as possible so we could address issues and continue on our journey to better our visibility online and increase our organic traffic. Huge thanks to the team for all their hard work.” 

Lucinda Bianchi
Head of Marketing, PeoplePerHour

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