How we made cut through in an already saturated market to make maximum multi-channel impact for Glenhawk’s launch.

Brand launches happen left, right and centre – to stand out we needed to hit on messaging that would resonate directly with  Glenhawk’s target audience. Strategic multi-channel execution led to coverage flying in within minutes of the embargo being lifted and digital marketing analytics outdoing the industry standards. 



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Our Approach

Glenhawk was a new short-term property finance lender. But this is a crowded space, and one where differentiation is tough. We needed to help them cut through the noise to establish a position, and capture the attention of developers, brokers and financial institutions alike – all in a short space of time. 

We started with a modest messaging project, speaking to the co-founders, as well as other industry players to pull together the compelling threads of Glenhawk’s value proposition. That completed, we developed a press release for launch, various pitching angles for different media, and complemented this with a brand and non-brand AdWords campaign. 

Results we’re proud of


Broker enquiries and loan applications (all traffic sources in the first 10 days) 


Uplift in website traffic on day of launch 


Hits in key titles just for the launch 

All in the details

 Clear value proposition 

In a crowded space, a clear value proposition to help Glenhawk cut through.

 Integrated marketing 

With the messaging, paid search and PR all working together.

 Immediate impact 

Our work delivered immediate leads.

“We couldn’t have had a better launch. The messaging seemed to really resonate, and the digital and traditional media worked hand in hand to drive web traffic and enquiries. We have been inundated with loan enquiries and that’s exactly what we were looking for!”

Guy Harrington
CEO, Glenhawk

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