Messaging, digital and media project to launch new short-term finance provider

The brief

Glenhawk is a new short-term property finance lender. But this is a crowded space, and one where differentiation is tough. We needed to help them cut through the noise to establish a position, and capture the attention of developers, brokers and financial institutions alike – all in a short space of time.

hits in key titles
uplift in website traffic on day of launch
broker enquiries and loan applications (all traffic sources in first 10 days)

The result

The launch surpassed our expectations. Coverage started flying in within minutes of the embargo being lifted and our persistence ensured that all possible leads were secured, including a hit in key industry title, Property Week. Glenhawk established a strong branded presence in paid search, with 270 clicks at a CTR of 10.69%.

We couldn’t have had a better launch. The messaging seemed to really resonate, and the digital and traditional media worked hand in hand to drive web traffic and enquiries. We have been inundated with loan enquiries and that’s exactly what we were looking for!

Guy Harrington, CEO

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