Capture the attention of CEOs and educate them about cybersecurity.

The brief

Create a global campaign that packs a punch. True crime dominated the last couple of years, so we thought why not tap into this? After all, just because a CEO reads The Times, doesn’t mean they won’t also be interested in true crime content when they get home. So, we combined the two.

pieces of global coverage
average domain authority
report downloads - 92% (183) of these from PR activity alone

The result

ComputerWeekly ranked it the 6th most important cybersecurity story of 2017 – making it the only PR story on the list. Mark Bridge at The Times stated it was “brilliant” and Oscar Williams at the News Statesman said it was “fantastic”. We smashed our coverage targets by 267%, it was page four in The Times in two separate pieces, The Daily Mail and The Independent.

From the initial concept to completion, I was very impressed with Aspectus’ creativity and execution – we needed an idea that had real cut through and worked globally. They delivered this, and more.

Doron Aronson, Global Director of Corporate Communications

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