Ayming was looking for creative ways to boost the profile of its specialist R&D practice.

R&D grants and tax credits are a complex world, where Ayming’s expert consultants offer real value to clients. But communicating that expertise in a compelling way is a challenge that needs equal amounts of expertise to solve.



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The Challenge

As a boutique consultancy, Ayming focuses its expertise on a few key areas, including boosting R&D with tax credits and grants. But Ayming operates in a sphere dominated by big-name players and needed smart ways to demonstrate its expertise to the world and prove its status as a leader in its fields. We felt strongly that a flagship piece of content on business innovation would give Ayming exactly the opportunity it was looking for.

Our Approach

We agreed on a report based on original research into business innovation. Our content teams got to work on writing the survey, analyzing the results, and writing up the results, to produce the International Innovation Barometer. We repeated the process in the following years, each time supporting the report’s publication with media work to boost its reach and Ayming’s profile.

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“We’ve been working with Aspectus for some time, and we’re really pleased with the quality of both the relationship we have developed and results we have achieved.”

Nick Tribe

Marketing Director, Ayming Group

  • ACA Group

    Building a media campaign to raise awareness of ACA’s expertise – and a critical governance issue.

  • Marks & Clerk

    Newsjacking to showcase IP expertise to new audiences in key growth sectors.

  • Baringa

    Still in its early years of rapid growth, Baringa had shown its clients that it had a unique, value-generating way of doing business. Our job was to communicate that success – and the underlying expertise – to a much wider group of industry decision-makers.

  • Ayming Group

    Creating a flagship piece of original, insightful content year after year to boost Ayming’s profile.

  • UHY

    Building an effective presence in target media to enhance the company’s profile and its reputation

  • Gulf Bridge International (GBI)

    Build GBI’s reputation as a global infrastructure provider connecting East and West through the Middle East.

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