Contis asked us to look at its paid advertising activity, find out what was holding it back and develop a program to improve traffic and ROI.  

Contis is a leading payments provider. To stand out in its crowded marketplace, it asked our PPC experts to help improve the performance of its paid advertising activity. 



Digital Marketing


Financial Services

Our Approach

Get it right, and Google Ads can be a valuable way to expand the reach of your business and engage with potential clients and customers. However, it can be easy to pay for ads that aren’t delivering. Contis had developed a complex account and campaign structure. And its bidding strategy, ad maintenance and daily performance monitoring all needed to be optimized for much better results. We carried out a thorough health check on Contis’ Google Ads account to identify the main pain points that were limiting the account’s full potential. From there, we built a detailed optimization plan to improve the quality of traffic. This included adjusting bidding strategies across all campaigns, recommending new ad formats and developing a new approach for keyword match types.  

These performance improvements resulted in increased ROI across all of its PPC campaigns. 

Results we’re proud of


Increase in traffic from display ads


Increase in traffic from paid search


Year-on-year increase in click-through rates

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