Four years of collaboration resulting in UKCloud being a voice of authority in public sector IT.

The brief

Our relationship has spanned four years, in which time our goal was to build the company’s reputation to that of a trusted, esteemed voice in public sector technology.

backlinks secured within coverage
pieces of quality coverage each year
downloads of latest industry-leading whitepaper within first two weeks of launch

The result

Throughout our relationship we’ve generated almost 200 pieces of quality coverage. Alongside coverage, our PR work has generated quality SQLs, prompted report downloads from CXO at top public sector organisations and directed attendees to UKCloud-hosted webinars. One piece of coverage we secured in top tier Computer Weekly even included a backlink to the report hosted on the site. Our cohesive work with the marketing department has opened the door for some very positive conversations with UKCloud’s direct target audience.

“Working with the team at Aspectus has been brilliant. Not only have we achieved fantastic results together, we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. They are real subject matter experts in the tech space. We’ve collaborated with Aspectus to produce our last 2 annual reports – the latest being the most downloaded piece of content we’ve ever published and even managed to get us a backlink from ComputerWeekly directly to our pillar page! The team are always keen to collaborate on an idea and work with my internal stakeholders to ensure the content is spot on. They are extremely proactive in their approach and overachieve on their KPIs consistently. The whitepapers we’ve launched have really struck a chord with our audience, and from our analytics we can see that PR has played a fundamental part in generating the quality leads we’ve seen come in over time.”

Ellie Robson-Frisby, Director of Marketing

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