Hero content campaign to make Petrotechnics – and its product Proscient – synonymous with operational excellence

The brief

Following an internal rebrand and restructure, Petrotechnics asked us to reposition the brand externally whilst challenging the status quo in hazardous industries. They wanted to educate their audiences on what operational excellence is, what it means for organisations in the space, and how Petroechnics’ software - Proscient - fits into the operational excellence conversation.

qualified leads
increase in referral traffic to the website
pieces of wallpaper coverage

The result

Our goal was to make Petrotechnics synonymous with operational excellence. Following the launch, the OE Index featured in 9 of the top 10 operational excellence news stories on Google and remains the most visited page on Petrotechnics’ site. The campaign was so successful that Petrotechnics (now Sphera) has been running the campaign annually ever since.

We were originally sceptical about the idea. But the OE Index was the most valuable thing we did during launch. The traffic drove to our website was outstanding. This index was so successful; we’ll be running it on an annual basis.

Scott Lehmann, VP Product Management and Marketing

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