Media campaign to support the growth of Broctagon’s liquidity aggregation technology

The brief

Broctagon saw an opportunity in using its technology to improve crypto liquidity.

The challenge was that liquidity was not a big topic of conversation in the market or among cryptocurrency journalists.

To highlight the problem and create a liquidity campaign, Broctagon needed a team with a deep understanding of crypto infrastructure.

Pieces of coverage in top tier publications
Pieces of coverage in CoinDesk
3.2 mil
Estimated coverage views

The result

Across 2020 and 2021, our punchy content and proactive media relations led to coverage in The Financial Times, Reuters, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Independent, CoinTelegraph, The Daily Express, City AM, and CoinDesk among others.

This significantly enhanced Broctagon’s profile and supported bringing crypto liquidity to the attention of the market.

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