Building brand awareness and placing Bloxx into key industry debates

The brief

Bloxx operated in a very niche area of security. Aspectus encouraged the company to broaden its breadth and depth of media commentary. The company wasn’t commenting on completely irrelevant stories, but had a lot of expertise within the business to showcase in order to insert the company into the conversations driving the news agenda.

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The result

Sold! In November 2015, Bloxx was acquired by Nasdaq-listed Akamai for an undisclosed sum. Charles Sweeney, former CEO of Bloxx, credited the PR and marketing with 'playing a significant contributory role' in the company's acquisition. During its engagement, Aspectus had effectively repositioned Bloxx from niche provider to being described as a 'giant of email security' in The Times.

The PR and marketing played a significant contributory role in the company’s acquisition.

Charles Sweeney, Former CEO

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