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By: Bridget McArthur

The story:

It’s been a week since Blue Monday hit the nation but neither moods nor weather seem to be improving. So it may surprise you to find out that last year the very man who first coined the term, psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall, told The Independent announced it was “never his intention to make the day sound negative”, but rather “to inspire people to take action and make bold life decisions”, like meeting new friends or booking an adventure. It sounds like a prescription for travel.

Why it’s important:

While freezing Brits looking to follow this prescription might be rushing off to book their winter escape cure-alls, what they may not know is that the cost of travel is up by 30 per cent since the December pre-Brexit. This begs the question – are holidaymakers’ travel dreams too big for their budgets? Is the spirit of Blue Monday forever doomed?

Not necessarily, if they stop neglecting the single most overlooked travel advice that could help them save on holiday costs–foreign exchange (FX).

Did you know that 27 per cent of British of British holidaymakers spend no time looking for a better deal on exchanging currency ahead of their trips? Typically, holidaymakers have relied on methods of exchanging currency, like visiting a bureau de change or using a credit or debit card on holiday. And while many Britons will spend up to three hours searching for the best accommodation and flight deals, FX remains an afterthought. However, as the pound plummets and holiday costs spiral, this frivolous attitude to foreign exchange is no longer an option!

What the expert had to say:

Nick England, CEO of EasyFX, says Britons can actually take back control of rising travel costs. With tips as straightforward as ‘never choose to pay in Sterling’ Nick has outlined how to get the most out of a bad exchange rate.

To spread the word, we placed Nick’s six top tips in key media across the UK, including Daily Express,  Evening Standard, and Herald to reach an audience of millions.

So this year when Dr Arnall’s, lesser known ‘happiest day of the year’ rolls around on July 14th,  those Britons who’ve listened to Nick’s advice can add the FX factor to their happiness equation.



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