IWD: celebrating a few of many

By Tamsin Jackson, People and Experience Director

Every Friday at Aspectus we have a group called ‘Hi-Jack’ whereby anyone and everyone is encouraged to nominate a colleague that has inspired them during the week.

Nominations often follow themes, asking for comparisons to famous figures to show how brilliant our own heroes are.

As we recognise International Women’s Day to celebrate all those that make such a huge contribution to our business (70% of Aspectees are women and – critically – so is our senior management team), we wanted to use our famous Friday ‘format’ to shout about some of the women that work here.

All have been nominated and compared to other famous women by their teammates.

Sofie Skouras

Our fearless Head of Technology – Sofie reminds me of the former Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin. She’s here to get the job done and have fun while doing it!

Sophie Rivas

Sophie Rivas inspires me every day and her progress over the past year and a half at The Aspectus Academy has been huge. When Sophie spoke at Company Day, I was blown away – what an impressive and scary thing to do at just 19 years old. Sophie reminds me of Clare Smyth. The only woman to run a three-star Michelin restaurant, Clare was an apprentice before working for Gordon Ramsey and becoming a head chef at the age of just 29. I see Sophie’s career soaring in a similar way and she is proof of the power of apprenticeships.

Megain Buchan

Megain is endlessly curious and reminds me of Jeanne Baret with her willingness to go the extra mile in search of an opportunity to learn and grow her knowledge and skillset. She’s a real example to us all.

Astrid French

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Astrid since she joined at Aspectus and seeing her journey since she stepped foot into the business has been so inspiring.

She’s the glue to our Energy and Industrials team, consistently driving us forward with her positive energy and dedication.

Whether handling client requests or leading company initiatives, she does it all with grace and care. Her ability to jump in and out of testing calls alongside a busy schedule and have a constant smile on her face, while providing direction and support, even in the busiest times, is truly inspiring.

But what sets her apart is her infectious positivity and sense of humour. Astrid brings joy to every interaction and has an admirable ability to lift team spirits. She’s resilient, charismatic, and compassionate.

Rowann Innes

Rowann reminds us of Amelia Earhart with her strength, grit, and determination. She always shows real resilience under pressure and the sort of perseverance that makes success seem inevitable, no matter the odds.

At Aspectus, we celebrate and value difference – whether that’s difference in gender, background, religion, race or ethnicity. Different people bring diverse opinions and skills, all which should be recognised equally.

As a business that is overwhelmingly female in an industry where female leadership doesn’t always reflect the wider make-up of the sector, we are proud to celebrate the inspiring, and trail blazing women that makes us who we are.  Find out more about our culture and people here.

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