There is no magic formula in marketing, but we think we have cracked the code 

All gear no idea…stuffed shirt…all mouth no trousers…all hat and no cattle. There are plenty of phrases for that ‘Apprentice style’ swagger that is inch deep and, on examination, no wider. At Aspectus we cultivate a different type of confidence. Not for us flying too close to the sun and suffering from Icarus syndrome

Sometimes, perhaps, that has held us back. We are in the business of promotion after all. But then we’ve always been a different kind of brand, marketing and communications agency. Letting our actions and the amazing results we achieve on our clients’ behalf speak for themselves has led to an abundance of strong and long relationships and helped our business grow.   

While we have always walked the walk, this year has contained a number of special milestones that mean we can talk the talk. We’re now over 100 people strong, have been recognised multiple times for our work and culture and operate successfully across three continents. The launch of our new brand underlines that quiet confidence.  

It aims to show how we have cracked the X factor, solved the equation, and balanced the formula that equals client success. So the walk and the talk is this – we know, our clients know, and our prospects will soon find out, that when you work with Aspectus success is the outcome. That is what we are in the business of delivering. Client success.  

Our new brand unveils our equation for that success. The maths looks deceptively simple but it’s a fiendishly hard sum to add up. It involves a combination of intelligent insight (we know the issues that matter most to your stakeholders), global expertise (we can deliver anywhere in the world), and excellent execution (through our endless energy and focus on better than best practice), all of which is underpinned by considered creativity and delivered by empowered talent. While the creativity is the secret sauce in our success sandwich, that helps clients stand out against competitors, our empowered talent is the key ingredient.  

We have worked extremely hard over many years to create and maintain a virtuous circle between our people, our purpose and our commercial success. Each element is completely dependent on the other and each acts as an accelerant to the next. That means we are highly committed to being a great place to work for everyone at every stage of their life and career.   

We share ideas, success and rewards. We focus on what people are good at and what they’re passionate about, rather than forcing them into one-size-fits-all career paths. We’re here to help people when they’re struggling and celebrate when they’re excelling. Our supportive and empowering way of working is the reason our people stay with us longer than most other agencies – and ultimately the reason we’re able to keep growing our services and our business.  

That’s why our new brand puts our people front and centre. We are proud of their continuous development, the client success they achieve and who they are both inside and out of work. Their biggest achievement though is not only embracing but also taking stewardship of our unique culture, caring for it and nurturing it. It’s a precious thing and without it the formula wouldn’t balance. The magic would be gone and the maths wouldn’t add up.  

Alastair Turner, Group CEO

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