Fund managers – investors need to hear from YOU!

By Ted Harvey, Account Manager

This is an acutely important (and exciting) moment for UK fund managers. As the vaccine rollout continues to have encouraging effects in the UK and an increasingly positive impact around the world, a return to ‘normal life’ seems close. With that, hopefully a return to growth and investment opportunities.

The UK economy, now that the severity of the COVID outbreak is abating and the immediate post-Brexit difficulties have eased, is in a promising position. As John Authors at Bloomberg highlights, with the pound strong and the Bank of England planning to taper its asset purchase programme soon, coupled with the fact that UK markets have a strong contingent of banks, oil majors and resource companies means that the UK might be too cheap to ignore. With investors sussing out market opportunities, UK fund managers have a chance to set themselves apart and set their course with new funds and fresh investment at this crucial time.

So, how should you go about it?

A comprehensive comms strategy requires media engagement, across the top tiers and trades. Whether you are cavalier or cautious in your approach with the media, being engaged with the press offers up the platform to speak directly with your target audience on the issues of the day. What’s more, reporters are always looking for news and the view from asset managers on the key topics of the moment. Whether it’s on equity markets or corporate bonds, investors want to know what their fund manager thinks before they invest with them. Token statements won’t get you very far.

This makes the recent Standard Life Aberdeen – or should I say ‘abrdn’ – rebranding all the more puzzling. As one of the leading asset managers in the UK, its position in the UK market is firm and its reputation solid. Despite this, the company pursued a rebrand which received negative press all round, when it could have stuck to the issues that matter such as trends in UK equities, dividends, corporate debt, ESG, and a host of others.

For any out there thinking about how to break through as we approach a post-pandemic world, it’s best to steer clear of a rebrand, as my colleague recently explained. When weighing up a comms strategy, the message and reach should be the priority.

By formulating a media strategy that targets leading journalists in combination with digital and social media channel amplification, fund managers can get their views heard. Those that do this successfully will be the ones with access to investors seeking out where best to place their trust and their money. Key is, can you do this alone?

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