IoT PR: there’s still plenty of room on the IoT bandwagon

By Astor Sonnen, Senior Account Director, Technology 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a wide-reaching term but is most commonly used to refer to the masses of connected smart devices we all use at home, work and on our bodies to control lights, fridges, cattle or to monitor our health. 

Unless you’ve been living in the middle of a field with no access to technology (or aforementioned cattle) IoT has almost certainly touched your life in some way. And that’s because whichever IoT stat you look at the numbers are mind boggling.  

  • Global IoT spending could total £12tn between 2019 and 2025 
  • In 2021, there were more than 10bn active IoT devices 
  • Predictions say the number of IoT devices will surpass 25.4bn in 2030 
  • By 2025, there will be 152,200 IoT devices connecting to the internet per minute 
  • The IoT connectivity management platform market is expected to grow to £11.64bn ($12.84bn) in 2026 

These stats ultimately show that technology will only grow in prominence and IoT market trends will continue to involve, becoming more encompassing of every aspect of our lives.  

For organisations then, there is a real opportunity. A successful IoT deployment is the result of a number of factors coming together seamlessly: consultation, connectivity (including fixed and mobile), the devices, eSIMs, data management, storage and analysis, as well as critically, cybersecurity; (there were more than 1.5bn cyberattacks against IoT devices in the first half of 2021 alone). That is an ecosystem that can include a widespread eyvariety of brands.  

Determine where you fit with an IoT Marketing strategy

You may feel that you’re not an IoT provider, but if you can offer a solution that is used within deployments – you are an IoT enabler. You just have to understand how you fit and engage with others in the ecosystem. 

An IoT marketing strategy will help you to build your brand and show how you can collaborate with other organisations to bring deployments into reality. Similarly, it will showcase how you shape up against competitors who are vying for the same attention.  

A sustained IoT PR campaign that gives you a voice in industry-wide conversations will put you on the map. From thought leadership articles in key titles and engaging with media around breaking news, to sharing relevant news on social feeds and speaking slots at industry events – the world will see your role within IoT and your influence will grow.  

Ultimately, the IoT phenomenon is a huge – and growing – pie and organisations have the chance to build their reputation within specific aspects. You just need to understand where you fit and how to connect the dots with the right stakeholders – and that’s where we can help.  

Why not have a chat with us about your IoT marketing strategy, and let us develop a bespoke IoT PR campaign that will keep you in the news and engaging with your key audiences. Get in touch. 

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