Helping clients compete with considered creativity

Competition is getting fiercer. It’s now almost never enough to offer a better product at a better price and expect attention. People are busy – and there are simply too many stalls in the market for customers to stop and compare each one and decide where the value lies.

Instead, people prioritise those who grab their attention – narrowing down their options and picking the best of a select bunch. The question for most brands is simple: how do you capture, keep and capitalise on your audience’s attention in order to make a lasting impression?

You don’t need a dinosaur but creativity is critical. Without it, you’re guaranteed to get lost in the crowd – making the same claims as your competitors. And struggling to stand out.

But what does creativity actually mean in this context?

Too many brands make the mistake of thinking creativity means something colourful, off-the-wall and wacky for the sake of it. They think creative campaigns begin and end with sending a chicken nugget up into space or floating something massive down the Thames to get attention.

The trouble is, outside of specific circumstances, that doesn’t give audiences much to go on. Sure, you might capture their attention (if it hasn’t been done before) – but once they’ve listened to what you have to say – have you given them cause to stop, think and come back for more?

That’s why, at Aspectus, we practice considered creativity. Not unrestrained creativity for its own sake, but tightly focused creative energy brought to bear on real client challenges.

For us, the brightest creative sparks are those that come from deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, audiences and industries; that make the connection no one else has to turn a problem on its head – and express by telling a story that no one else has yet thought to tell.

Once we have an idea that is distinctive, relevant and, perhaps, a little subversive, we work to let it take us as far as possible – with a ruthless focus to tried-and-tested best practices that we know work.

It’s this approach that helped us create what ComputerWeekly ranked one of “the most important cybersecurity stories of the year” for Malwarebytes.

It’s this approach that enabled us to translate complex regulation into qualified leads for Goldensource.

And it’s this approach that allows us to guarantee results for our clients. Keeping them fiercer than the competition.

By Daniel George

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