Mastering B2B SaaS marketing: choosing channels and media for optimal success

By Sophie Reed, Associate Content Manager

In today’s digital landscape, social media has become a staple for B2B digital marketing. However, the online space is crowded with countless platforms and an overwhelming array of content – making it tough to stand-out within the Software as a Service sphere. This makes it crucial for software companies to leverage social channels the right way and ensure efforts aren’t wasted.
Gone are the days of simply existing across every social platform. Instead, each social channel possesses its own unique dynamics, user demographics, and engagement patterns.
To maximise the impact of your social media presence, it’s essential to adopt a customer-centric approach and let your target audience guide your strategy and supercharge your SaaS metrics.

Social channels for meaningful connections

To hit the bullseye with your B2B SaaS audience, you must align your efforts with their preferences and behaviors to ensure your message resonates with the right people in the right places. If you are targeting primarily professionals and decision-makers, LinkedIn is an optimal platform to make connections.

Here, you can promote your spokespeople, showcasing their expertise, positioning them as key thought leaders in the space, and build meaningful relationships with potential customers. Through thoughtful engagement, such as participating in relevant group discussions, resource sharing, industry news commentary or offering expert advice, you can curate a genuine connection with your audience. By nurturing these relationships, you open doors to future collaborations, referrals, and increase your potential of high conversion rates.

Work smarter not harder

Less is more when it comes to selecting the right channels for your B2B SaaS marketing. Rather than a blind pursuit across a range of platforms, target two birds with one stone.

Twitter is a fantastic way to contribute to wider industry conversations in real-time, and enables wider audience reach and traction by leveraging trending hashtags and breaking industry news. To make the most of it, repurpose LinkedIn messaging to create short, punchy tweets sparking engagement. This way, you can recast, retell and replay your messaging to ensure it consistently aligns across your channels.

Amplify your credibility with PR

From a PR perspective, trade publications offer a golden opportunity to shine the spotlight on your company’s spokespersons, products and services to captivate your desired audience. These publications are read by industry professionals and decision-makers actively seeking insights on trends and innovative solutions within their field.

By targeting top-tier trade publications relevant to your niche, you can generate interest in your product and wider services. For example, if you are promoting an update to your HR software service, your HR tech PR strategy will target top-tier trade publications such as HR Grapevine, HR Magazine, The HRDirector and People Management Magazine. You can then boost engagement with trophy coverage by sharing it across your LinkedIn and Twitter.

Securing coverage in reputable publications boosts brand visibility and industry credibility, signalling to target audiences that you’re a trusted player, attracting and strengthening customer relationships. Credibility such as this paves the way for long-term loyalty.

The wrap-up:

🔍 Know your audience: inform your approach by selecting the social media channels where audiences are most present to ensure messaging gets in front of the right people

⚡ Recast, retell, replay: keep your messaging consistent and aligned across your chosen channels to make a cohesive brand presence, maximizing audience engagement and visibility

📰 Don’t underestimate the value of trade publications

Bear in mind, B2B company updates are not necessarily the tastiest bait for reeling in national headlines. When it comes securing a big tuna, PR campaigns and research are a brilliant hook. If you want to make a splash above the sea of competition, keep your eyes peeled for our following blogs in this series, covering considered creativity and data mining for national catches.

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