Your next job doesn’t have to be in cyber

By: Dan George, creative director

The last few months have been tough for everybody. But Britain’s creatives have extra cause to feel aggrieved. Venues remain closed, funding has been far from forthcoming and just last week the chancellor responded to concerns about the health of the sector by advising people to retrain – indicating that, as far as this government is concerned, creativity is not a priority.

Indeed, a government-backed ad circulating in mid-October caused uproar by appearing to advise those with an interest in music, dance or the arts to get a job “in cyber”, whatever that means. In response, Twitter was overrun with people taking the government’s online career matching tool, an odd number of whom finding themselves nudged towards careers as boxers or football referees – quite esoteric choices in industries that may not be able to accommodate quite such a flood of new entrants.

But before making the leap, and abandoning their passions entirely, creatives should be made aware that theatres, concert halls and galleries aren’t the only places where they can showcase their talents. The UK is a global hub of commercial, considered creativity. It’s home to a vibrant advertising, marketing and PR agency scene that offers a wonderful platform for people to express themselves, while making a valuable contribution to our economy.

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Agencies like ours offer creatives an opportunity to do what they’re good at, whether it’s writing, directing, design or something else entirely, and use it as they think creatively to solve a company’s critical business challenges.

This may not always mean complete creative freedom – instead, it requires a flexible mindset. The question we ask ourselves is “how do we express this client’s truth in a way that not only reaches as many people as possible, but inspires the audience to think and behave differently?” Once we land on a solution, we go out and create content – in whatever form we think will work best.

It’s a fun process and there are few more fulfilling feelings than seeing your work really impact an audience – making a difference to your client’s business and the lives of its employees.

If this sounds like something you’d be up for, then we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for talented creatives, able to lend a unique new perspective to our work. Either way, rest assured – your next job doesn’t have to be in cyber. It could be with us. Contact us today to find out more or check out our career opportunities.

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