Press preparation: fluster free media interviews

Ever been ice skating? It looks so easy when you see all the others out there gliding gracefully round the rink. That’s until your get your own skates on and give it a try for yourself.

It’s a bit like that when it comes to doing a media interview. It all seems straightforward, chatting away on radio or TV or having a nice lunch with a writer from the Financial Times.

And that’s when so many people come horribly unstuck. At best, they fail to make anything of the opportunity that every media interview offers.  At worst, they do real damage to themselves and their organisations.

Preparation and proper training are both crucial.

At Aspectus, we run our own flexible media training programmes, which are tailored to each individual and client. Over the years we have trained hundreds of people on how to handle a media interview. Many have become exceptional performers, getting their key messages across every time but also simultaneously giving the media what they want too.

And these are the guys who get invited back into the studios and media platforms over and over again. They know how to play the game.

Once you’ve had the Aspectus training and know all the techniques inside out, then it’s all about having the confidence to go out there and do it!

However, being prepared for every interview is also crucial. We work with our all clients to develop key messages, powerful quotes and memorable images to use whenever they go in front of the cameras or sit down with a journalist.

That’s where the confidence really comes from: training, technique and preparation.

Next thing you know you’ll be weaving your way round the media ice rink making it look just so, so easy.

By Tim Focas

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