3 Key learnings from 3 months in PR

By Sophie Rivas, Apprentice: This is what I’ve learned over the last three months in my B2B PR Apprenticeship role, and why you should consider embarking on the same journey.

I began working at Aspectus full time just three months ago as part of its new Aspectus Academy program. Having started this apprenticeship without any prior experience and being straight out of Sixth Form, I had a lot to learn and adjust to.

Looking back, I have developed my skill set a lot in the space of just 12 weeks . So, if you’re considering an apprentice scheme and wonder what it’s like to transition from Sixth Form into full time work and want some insights into workplace relationship building then this is the blog for you.

New kid on the block

Having applied to both University and to Aspectus’ apprenticeship, I felt divided and wanted to carefully consider my options. I always knew I wanted to work in marketing, so it was not as much the area holding me back but more the size of the decision and how it could dictate my path.

What helped me make up my mind was the fact that, unlike university, I may not get a chance like this ever again to get my foot in the door and gain real-life experience in both PR and marketing. Particularly given the current economic crunch with people looking for new roles (due to salaries not rising with inflation), I decided to grab my offer by the horns.

The first big transition was walking into an office environment straight after Sixth Form, with previous misconceptions about what working in an office would be like. I was of the opinion that I would never want to work in an office because I did not get the appeal of sitting in one spot and completing the same monotonous tasks every day. Now looking back on that it feels a bit ironic and almost the complete opposite of what I am doing at the moment!

Hybrid Working

At Aspectus we have a flexible working structure, with the chance to work both at home and in the office. We are encouraged to come into the office just one day a week alongside your team.

It’s an exciting to join the workforce during a time of such change and flexibility – with majority of workers wanting to carry on with the hybrid working model post pandemic. Naturally, there are pros and cons to hybrid structures, but with the freedom to make it work for you, you have autonomy over how you plan your week to make it as versatile as you please.

I find the office helps with motivation, procuring office friendships (more on that later), and access to all the resources such as additional screens – and not to mention, a free meal on Mondays and Friday’s

Some days in the office are busier than others, and on the days where I’d prefer a little quiet time and heads-down working, I can opt to work from home, which is something I’m grateful for.

Building office relations

Another side of working that was daunting at the beginning of my apprenticeship was having to build new connections and bonds with a completely new group of people.

Going in, I was very reserved as I wasn’t sure how I should come across or how I would get along with others in the office. Learning to accept that although I am younger and less experienced than everyone else in the office, I am still pretty interesting and able to bond with people in the office regardless

Through working in the office, I have been able to grow my relationships with co-workers and build stronger bonds. We have an award winning company culture and a comfortable, friendly office environment, with an open-plan break-out space for people to chat over lunch or coffee, making it easy to cross paths with new co-workers.

On top of this, the Aspectus Academy has a rotational structure, which means I gain experience and build my technical knowledge when working in the different team sectors across Technology, Financial Services, Digital Marketing, Capital Markets, and Energy & Industrials. Not only does this arm me with 360 knowledge as I continue to develop over the course of my apprenticeship but has been an amazing experience for helping me advance my soft skills such as communicating and meeting new faces as I move between teams. And the best part is, you don’t have to feel like you’re having to start a completely new job from scratch!

Now, I feel I have really found my place within Aspectus over the past few months, and I can confidently say that I am very excited for what the following duration of my apprenticeship at Aspectus will bring.

So, if you are a student looking to go into an apprenticeship here’s a key round up of my learnings:

  • Be open to new experiences, and let people change your mind, aka – The office isn’t so bad!
  • Hybrid working is new, find a balance that works for you ‍
  • Relationship building is key it will help you feel more comfortable with yourself and your abilities when you have people your friendly with to support you!

If you are interested in applying to the 2023 Aspectus Academy apprenticeship, submit your application here.

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