Paris in the Spring: Ensuring business blossoms at TradeTech Europe

With Europe’s biggest investment management equity trading conference, TradeTech, returning to its physical form in Paris this Spring, here are Aspectus Capital Markets’ top tips to ensure a successful communications strategy at the event:

Expressing key messages – It’s what this event is all about! Have your key messages clear in your mind, whether that is for panel sessions, or just chit chat at the cocktail mixer in the evening. You need to be able to position your company as having something to offer in the space, and strong communication is the key to painting a clear picture of what solutions you offer.

Quiet space – This is especially important for any media interviews that you might have set up ahead of the event. We have found in previous years that it can be almost impossible to have a decent interview at the stand or amongst the hubbub of the conference. Scoping out a quiet spot off the beaten track to conduct your media interviews can be vital to ensuring these chats convert to great media coverage!

Understand your audience – Tailor your messaging to whoever you think is most likely to be crossing your path at the event. Analysing the list of those attending ahead of time is vital to get the most out of any conference as it will enable you to plan what you want to get out of it.

Initiate conversations – In a room of so many voices, simply being present can be too passive. Getting about and initiating conversations with people at the event is crucial, and if possible, have meetings set up ahead of the event, with both prospects and the media. Social media campaigns around the event can engage key targets before you’ve even entered the room.

Thought leadership – This conference presents a unique opportunity to elevate yourself and your company as thought leaders in the space, be that through partaking in engaging panel sessions, having valuable conversations with peers, or securing great media coverage through insightful interviews with the journalists who will be in attendance.

Integration – Having a unified approach across marketing, sales, and design to maximise your success at conferences is the most effective way to shine, from creating an eye-catching stand as a vendor, to spreading awareness of your participation in the event through engaging social posts throughout.

Enjoying yourself – We are all excited to be back at in-person events after several years of drab digital conferences. Once all the panel sessions are complete, it’ll be a welcome change to enjoy yourself with a cocktail or two at the mixer afterwards – I know that’s where we’ll be!

Stick to the script – You have to clearly set out your key messages and weave them throughout your entire communications strategy at the event. Tying this into the topic of the conference – Equities – is vital, as this acrostic blog shows!

Amelia Fillis and Brad Starr from the Aspectus Capital Markets practice will be in attendance at TradeTech Equities in Paris – if you would like a conversation about how we can help with your comms strategy or just want to pick our brains, please get in touch on or

Otherwise – looking forward to saying bonjour in Paris!

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