Step up your SaaS marketing game: top tips for knowing your audience

By Sophie Reed, Associate Content Manager

When it comes to audience growth, engagement and reeling new potential clients, fostering an authentic relationship between your brand and customers is key. To do so, businesses must interact with their target market on the ground. With an optimised communication strategy, you can engage with your customers and prospective leads to build connections that last.  

In the digital age, a wealth of platforms can assist in getting your brand in front of your target audience. With around 3.5 billion people using social media networks worldwide, you need to develop your understanding of social channels and optimise your SaaS marketing by creating a clear comms strategy to maximise your results and cut through the noise.  

Taking an integrated approach will help you communicate through different platforms and get your message out there. Whether it’s though social media, advertising, public relations (PR) or emails and newsletters, these must all work in unison to achieve the same goal.  

Here’s how you can develop a thoughtful integrated comms strategy to achieve your business goals.  

Know your audience: who, what, why

The customer is king. Evolving consumer demands determine your ongoing business developments and offerings. Adapting in response to these changing needs will ensure your B2B SaaS offering remains relevant, showcases your agility, and helps you scale up to maintain a competitive market edge.   

To create thoughtful messaging that resonates, you need to tailor it to your audience – find out their unmet needs, preferences, pain points and motivations, then position yourself as the answer. Crucially, it is key that messaging is designed to fill the ‘white space’ conversations that your customers are not currently owning and topics that are not saturated.   

Where to start: 

  1. Desktop research: identify the trends, patterns in customer behaviour, social discussions, and online reviews to get under the skin of your audience and understand what they care about 
  1. Surveys and interviews: requesting feedback is a great way to connect with your current customers and demonstrate you value their opinion. Ask about their issues, buying habits, and what they value most in a product or service 
  1. Competitor research: work smarter not harder. Analyse competitors and take inspiration from how they connect with audiences. Competitors will also open the door to other prospective leads to target – look for gaps in their marketing strategy you can capitalise on, and hone in on the whitespace to elevate your unique value proposition 

Unleash your distinctive potential

Taking the time to undertake in-depth upfront data gathering and competitor audits will enable you to make more well-informed, strategic decisions that will be truly impactful in the long run. A magnified knowledge of the market will help you understand and communicate your unique traits, differentiating yourself from market competitors and creating a brand that makes you famous for your thinking. All of this enhances your wider business strategy. 

You can revisit these methods again and again, keeping the customer feedback loop open and adjusting your messaging accordingly. This creates a virtuous circle of results In turn, you can flex your business agility and deliver messaging that will appeal to audiences and increase engagement rates by hooking readers in.  

In our next blog in this series, we will focus on the tools used to push out your enhanced messaging, with information about how to identify the relevant media and social channels so push messaging out and place you in front of your target audience.  

Looking to learn more? Get in touch with Aspectus Group, an award-winning integrated SaaS marketing agency with expertise in B2B technology PR. 

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