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A career in comms – What is PR?

PR is all about reputation. It is focused on managing what others say about you. As part of this, a big element of our job is to convince journalists to write about our clients. We get people and companies in the news, so the world knows their name and what they stand for. To do this, we embrace the power of storytelling.

For a minute, think of the Avengers. It’s a story that has been retold, re-cast, replayed and built on time and time again. 500 comic books, 3 animated series, 10 online games, 23 films and £22 billion in box office revenue later, it is clear they have used this story to their advantage.

In PR, we use creative thinking to tell a story about a company. Aspectus has compared hit TV show Bridgeton to a women’s health app and Kanye West to technical procurement tech. We have used the issue of climate change to influence investors and even jumped on the FIFA21 launch to warn gamers about their computers getting infected. We control the narrative with creative ideas so that people say good things about the companies we work with.

A career in comms – What is marketing?

Marketing and PR go hand in hand but do different things. Marketing is focused on what a brand says about itself. It is the process of getting people interested in a product or company through direct selling from brand to consumer. Marketing tactics include blogs, events, webinars, social media, influencers, sponsorships and more.

All your favourite brands do marketing. Every time you see a company pop up on Instagram, or you Google a query that leads you to a website – that is marketing. It is a discipline that is closely linked to digital channels and encompasses social media through to website design.

What is The Aspectus Academy?

The Aspectus Academy is a fully paid, two-year placement. It’s a hands-on course that will provide you with experience across all aspects of communications. Over the two years you will establish your writing, interpersonal, leadership, digital marketing, client management and business skills. This will involve on-the-job training across our five divisions:

  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Energy
  • Capital Markets
  • Digital Marketing

The Aspectus Academy is dedicated to providing an environment that truly helps our employees grow. Here are some of the ways we will support you:

  • Everyone on The Aspectus Academy has a dedicated line manager
  • Everyone on The Aspectus Academy has a mentor e.g. CEO, Managing Director
  • All employees complete mental health awareness training
  • You will be part of the Aspectus thriving company culture
  • Constantly evolving your skill set

What qualification will I get?

After the first year of the apprenticeship, and once you have a feel for what you like, you can choose to specialise in either PR or Digital marketing.

From there, you can decide to study for either:

  • Level 4 (equivalent to a foundation degree) qualification
  • Level 3 (equivalent to an A-level) qualification

We will work closely together to decide which path is best for you, and guide you every step of the way. You will also get one study day a week to make sure you achieve your goals.

How to apply for The Aspectus Academy

We believe your grades don’t define you. At Aspectus, we aren’t interested in A-level results but rather if you have drive, a positive attitude, are creative and work well in a team.

The scheme is open to any school leavers post A levels. Most applicants are recent Year 13s but we also welcome anyone who has taken a year out or maybe tried university and decided it’s not for them.We really look forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to get in touch with us on, if you have any questions.

Our 2023 program is no open for applications, please apply here.

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