The rising technology stars taking the world by storm

By Ruby Taylor, technology PR Junior Account Executive 

Despite the pandemic, technology companies in the UK have continued to make significant advancements and the landscape remains to be varied and cutting-edge, highlighted by Tech Nation’s reveal of the winners of their Rising Stars competition.

Tech Nation’s Rising Stars 3.0 is a scaleup competition to showcase the best early-stage tech companies in the UK. They promote the growth of start-ups which have a positive impact on society and the economy.

Only a short number of years ago, Monzo and Sky Scanner were unknown entities and now they are household names. Having been previously recognised as Tech Nation’s Rising Stars, they were able to secure investment to drive innovation and be ahead of the curve in their sectors.

We’ve compiled a list of the companies from this year’s cohort that we predict are going to follow in their footsteps and take the world by storm with their impactful technologies.


The pandemic has exacerbated pressure on healthcare and E-Surgery addresses a crucial gap in the market.

E-Surgery is the UK’s sustainable, online prescription service which allows patients to connect with doctors through just a click on their device.

Patients can use the service by visiting the website and completing a questionnaire, before receiving their prescription within 24 hours, in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

They are founded on the idea that private healthcare can be affordable and available for everyone from home with an eco-friendly product and rapid delivery.

This is a demand which has grown significantly during the pandemic. As people are told to stay at home and doctors are busier than ever, E-surgery offers a lifeline to communicate directly with medical professionals and receive prescriptions quickly, and safely.

Not only do they address a vast healthcare challenge, but their focus on a sustainable and eco-friendly service is favourable for today’s current consumer, who is much more aware of their carbon footprint.

Through using their innovation to simplify pharmaceutical services, they are a firm favorite as one to watch. We’re excited to see how they rise to the challenge of scaling up and supporting the world’s healthcare and prescription system.

Supply Well

The shift to remote work in 2020 has presented new educational and social challenges surrounding teachers and recruitment. As education has moved online and standard models of education have been disrupted, the demand for digital solutions has grown significantly.

Liverpool-based Supply Well have created a digital platform to address the challenges to recruit and train supply teachers, in turn reducing costs for schools.

Their mission is specifically to increase flexibility, ensure a fair wage and promote the wellbeing of teachers by offering employment support and opportunities in one place. This results in a more cost and time efficient process, encouraging more teachers to join and remain in the education system, at a time when students need access to quality education the most.

As former Teacher, Co-Founder and CEO Michael Heverin stated:

“Only 18 months ago, we were a small start-up company operating from one desk. We have grown immensely since then and now employ almost a dozen staff with immediate plans to hire more as we look to expand across the UK. What’s more, we’ve not only survived, but thrived despite the challenges of the pandemic.”

We’re particularly impressed with the way Supply Well have used tech for good to make quality teaching accessible for both teachers and students, in the face of the pandemic. We can’t wait to watch them continue to thrive and support the education sector.

Elemental Software

Elemental Software aims to reduce health inequalities by creating a digital platform for social prescribing, a demand which urgently needs to be met to relieve pressure on the healthcare system and respond to the current mental health crisis.

Social prescribing means going beyond medication to promote engagement with community initiatives to improve health. For example, referring a patient to an outdoor activity programme, an art class or financial advice service, equipping people with the tools to manage their own social and emotional wellbeing.

Founded in 2012, Elemental Software offers a platform for different sectors such as health, education and housing to collaborate and improve communities through the prescription of social programmes.

Their innovative technology has seen them grow and take the UK by storm and they show no signs of slowing down, already being the most widely used social prescribing service, winning contracts from the NHS GP IT Futures Framework.

As Co-Founder and COO Leeann Monk says:
“Our technology can make it easier for health and social care professionals to refer people with health risks such as mental health, to community based lifestyle interventions. This type of referral can reduce demand in GP time and ultimately keep people out of hospital for longer. This is imperative for global health services to operate and as public health budgets worldwide are coming under increasing pressures due to COVID-19, social prescribing has been identified as a growing sector.”

It’s clear why E-surgery, Supply Well and Elemental Software have secured their positions in Tech Nation’s line up of winners. All demonstrate clear use of tech for good and, through innovation, make a positive impact on some of the world’s most complex social and economic issues. From providing a digital solution for quality education to changing the way the country addresses healthcare, we can’t wait to watch them scale up, weather the storm and make a significant impact using their technology.

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