The best tech podcasts: telling engaging stories (while also making commutes bearable) – part 1

Podcasts are excellent. With so many to choose from and available in an accessible format, they make my commute considerably more bearable. Being a bit of a creature of habit, I have my favourites – most of which are released weekly – meaning that I have set days to listen to each while they’re still the most recent episode.

I’m not alone in my liking for podcasts. According to Ofcom’s 2019 Media Nation report, around 7.1 million of us in the UK listen to podcasts each week, and the medium is now used as a platform by many. Previously, we discussed the booming popularity of podcasts and that trend is still apparent.

Decisions, decisions: the best tech podcasts to listen to

With such a wide variety of podcasts out there, there really is something for everyone. However, for the sake of keeping it relatively concise, I’m going to focus on tech for now (…maybe someone from the Financial Services and Energy teams will produce their own lists…). Here are five of the most popular tech podcasts:

FT’s TechTonic – hosted by John Thornhill, the FT’s innovation editor, the weekly podcast contains an interview with an expert discussing how our future will be impacted through technology. Topics vary between episodes, with recent editions discussing AI, sustainable technology, how innovation can boost the developing world, and open data. John Thornhill obviously knows his stuff but he makes sure that the listener is kept engaged through his questioning.

TED Talks – organised by the non-profit TED, TED Talks provide a platform for individuals to spread their ideas and passions. More of a seminar format, speakers are given less than 20 minutes to say their piece. While TED stands for technology, entertainment and design, topics covered have widened hugely since the organisation’s creation and all aspects of life are up for discussion.

WIRED UK – the popular publication has a weekly tech podcast that takes a look back through the past seven days. While not always completely technology-focused, it contains fun discussions and advice around how listeners can improve their lives – either through tech, or through using less of it. There’s also a smattering of fun facts; did you know, penguins have a gland under their eyes that filters out salt enabling them to drink seawater? Add that to your pub quiz knowledge bank.

The Missing Cryptoqueen – undoubtedly, one of the breakout podcasts of 2019. The limited series follows journo Jamie Bartlett’s investigation into the mysterious Dr. Ruja Ignatova and her crypto coin company OneCoin*. Released weekly in a similar format to the incredibly popular crime podcast ‘Serial’, each episode uncovers more of the story as Jamie discovers further details around the strange ongoings.

The Digital Human – in this offering, Aleks Krotoski explores the links between us and technology. Thought-provoking, it makes you think about your relationship with the digital world and how it drives your behaviour with others in the physical one. Self-reflection isn’t always painless, but as digital actions become more intricately linked with all aspects of life, people have to understand the influence technology has and learn how to manage it more effectively.

So that’s five of the best tech podcasts, according to me anyway. Why not give them a go on your commute? You’ll be surprised at just how much of the technology chat will be relevant to you. Next time, I’ll take a look at some business podcasts.

*SPOILER ALERT – it all turned out to be a massive multi-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

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Astor is an account manager working in the technology PR team at Aspectus

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