Written by Sofie Skouras

Many in the PR industry are missing a trick.

It’s all over broadcast, print, online magazines and blogs. But a medium that is booming in popularity, yet many don’t engage with as much? Podcasts.

We’ve always thought podcasts were a fantastic medium, but until now, there hasn’t been much evidence to back this up. During Advertising Week Europe, Susie Warhurst from Acast gave us a sneak peek of the findings from their research with Ipsos. They found 23% of British people listened to a podcast in the last month, and of that, 20% were new to it (with half of those listeners being female). This reveals huge potential in its growing popularity.

You might think a spot on the BBC at primetime is the ultimate PR win. Yes, this is hugely valuable in getting in front of a large national audience, but how many of those listeners are actively listening?

Podcasts are a powerful option because it’s a uniquely intimate experience and much more tailored. You have loyal listeners tuning in during their downtime and are hanging off your every word – unlike radio, where consumers can passively zone in and out.

Alongside earned media opportunities, podcasts advertising is very effective. IAB revealed 60% of podcast listeners state that given equal price and quality, they prefer to buy products from companies that advertise on their favourite podcasts.

Perhaps this is a result of podcasters being given artistic license to put their own spin on a company’s ad script and approach. The Adam Buxton Show does such a fantastic job at this, that his listeners demand previous ads to be replayed they are that funny (I thoroughly recommend listening to an episode to see what I mean).

Other examples of big brands tapping into this trend include Vintage’s promotion of novel Homo Sapiens through a 3D-audio advert designed specifically with podcasts in mind. In addition, last year, Jaguar Land Rover and Mindshare created an immersive adventure storytelling podcast series.

The clear rockstar of the podcast world, My Dad Wrote a Porno, hit 100 million listeners worldwide. It’s gone beyond just being a podcast and is now doing live shows and books off the back of it. This shows the scale of the opportunity not just on featuring in popular and relevant podcasts, but perhaps even starting your own one as part of your content marketing plan.

To build on this, we’ve built out our own podcast press list internally and are educating clients – where appropriate – on why they should be open to these opportunities.

Of course, podcasts won’t replace other mediums. It’s about understanding where your audience is getting information and through what channel, then developing a communications strategy based on that.

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