Written by Megan Rothery 

Maybe it’s because uncertain times call for distracting content, but you’d have to have accidentally locked yourself in a cupboard for the past three weeks to have no awareness of the reality TV phenomenon that is Love Island. Even if you’re trying mercilessly not to engage in actually watching, I guarantee someone has tried to tell you which swimwear sporting, perfectly tanned, probably part-time model they’d ‘couple up with’.

Perhaps us Brits are in need of some humble escapism from today’s political upheaval. Because we’re jumping at the chance to spend an hour a day in a universe where who you fancy most, who’s flirting with your partner of a whole three days (how dare they), or what would be the most arresting bikini to sunbathe in are the gravest of worries.

But firepit side games of ‘I have never’ aside, there are communications lessons to be learned from the show that dominates national media and breeds an army of the instafamous.

Know your brand

Contestants need a clear brand identity. They need to define who they are, what they represent, and why they are different right from the start. Without a bold identity they risk blending into the background, the audience will forget them and they certainly won’t make it to the final. It’s the same for any business – without clearly defined, creative messages up front, any communications will not stick, and will not engage the people you need it to.

Then harness brand voice

Once you’ve nailed down your top-line messages, you need to live and breathe them. They must be consistently reflected in all your communications if they are going to have an impact on your audience. Look at how Love Island harnesses a consistent brand voice. Its lexicon has cultivated a nationwide community – an in-crowd familiar with its unique phrases and private jokes. Brands that can create this across their multiple channels will better engage audiences and drive loyalty. Thanks to our nightly exposure to the islanders’ chit chat, if someone offends us we call them “muggy”, if we like someone they’re “our type on paper”, and if we get a text – it’s practically a matter of life or death to scream this urgently at anyone in earshot.

But be nimble

While we may not relate entirely to being in love at breakfast, having a dramatic bust-up at lunch, and moving on to a new target over an evening’s prosecco in a plastic flute – we can all relate to constant change. Your market will never be a static one. Your business will face change in the form of new technology developments, new regulation, and evolving customer demands. The most powerful communications strategies are those that evolve too. Be flexible, know when your new environment demands a fresh set of messages, or a fresh set of tactics. “So much can change in a day” – said every Love Island contestant ever. We get it, a mysterious man with an 8-pack appeared while you were in the shower and you’ve suddenly realised you and your partner are unfortunately incompatible.

Results matter most

For the couples of the villa, every interaction is geared towards an end goal. That sweet £50k and a lifetime of advertising teeth whitening strips is in their sights, influencing everything they say and do. Just like how our islanders want the public’s votes, your business will have goals of its own. All communications should ultimately be driving results – be that lead generation, business growth, or investment. That’s why whatever we do, and however we do it, we work to produce measurable outcomes for our clients. To chat about your business challenges and how we can help solve them – we’d love to hear from you!

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