Written by Alastair Turner

Its slightly uneasy the morning after the night before. Basking in the warm glow of an awards win isn’t the comfy lounger I expected it to be.

I’ve referenced Peter Pan in blogs before as a remarkable example of creative storytelling and retelling. And an awards win actually feels a bit like balancing at the end of Captain Hook’s plank. There is only one way to go. What is up must come down. And gravity can’t be defied. Or can it?

That’s why becoming one of the Media Employers of the Year is so important to us but at the same time it feels like a perilous perch. There is a constant fear of plunging downwards. And we know that without an amazing group of people collectively chanting ‘I believe, I believe, I believe’ we couldn’t defy gravity. We certainly couldn’t fly. We would be stuck in never land balancing on the end of a board.

And that is what culture is… the magic fairy dust that in the real world, with the real risks and massive challenges that every business faces, manages to bind a group of people together and helps them soar.

So while last night was a bit of a fairy tale, the morning after, and the morning after that and the morning after that has to go into preserving and protecting the fairy dust. It is incredibly fragile, can disappear very quickly and without it you can’t reach for the stars!

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