Written by Dan George

The last few months have been great for the profile of AR technology. But the Pokémon glow won’t last forever. In fact, after an initial bright flash of interest, the spotlight is already fading.

AR brands that want to take advantage of their moment in the sun need to act now, as in today’s fast-moving media landscape, those who don’t stand out get lost in the shadows of those who do. The AR space is still relatively young, but as markets mature they set – and early leads in the race for brand recognition can soon become unassailable.

Look at Airbnb. The homestay marketplace established an early lead when the idea of renting out your spare space to holidaymakers was still alien to most. But now? Now it’s a huge household name and the first port of call for many travellers – both those looking for a place to stay and those looking to make some spending money while they’re away.

And make no mistake. This is not a new phenomenon. It’s not just tech brands. How long has Coca-Cola led the soft drinks space? It was first on to the cola scene in the 1880s, dominated throughout the 20th Century and is now the world’s third most valuable brand. Pepsi has rarely come close – except for a brief blip in the 90s, Coke sales have always eclipsed those of its upstart rival.

The secret is simply to seize the moment. In AR – as with any other industry – it’s the bold brands, the ones unafraid to shout when the spotlight’s on their sector, that’ll go on to steal the stage. The rest, much like Kakuna (for those of you not in the know, an oft overlooked Pokémon), will get left out of the limelight.

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