By Tim Focas

“Platform 1 for the delayed 7:10 South West Train service to London Waterloo; we are sorry for the delay to this service.” A familiar phrase for millions of frustrated suburban commuters traveling to the City every day.

Thankfully, over the past decade working in financial communications, my train journey has been made less painful by a certain newspaper that has scratched my morning itch for an informative, educational and entertaining take on the business news.

From spotting and flagging interesting articles to clients, to reading an insightful forum opinion that triggers a fresh story idea, I’ve lost count of the number of successful campaigns sparked from my morning read. Some have even led to winning industry awards. And let’s face it, nothing beats that feeling of seeing a piece you’ve ghost written in the Forum, or a client quoted in a news story on page two.

But City A.M. goes way beyond providing just another platform to deliver great outcomes for clients. Personally speaking, as I have worked in communications for almost as long as the paper has been running, I feel part of the “City A.M. generation”. To explain why, one has to look back before looking forward. One of my earliest ever engagements with high finance was watching my Dad read the Financial Times across the breakfast table before heading to catch his inevitably delayed train from Walton-on-Thames (some things never change). Like train delays, the media will always be around – only the way we engage with it changes throughout the generations.

With its unrivalled analysis of what’s going on, the FT will always be critical for our clients and I read it avidly. However, like everyone, I have to dedicate time to doing so throughout a busy day. As a former 80s and 90s forex broker, I consider my Dad part of the “FT generation”. He was working during a time when in-depth analysis of the morning financial papers was an essential part of the trading day.

Nowadays, everything has to be instant, which is why City A.M. provides an ideal quick fire way to get on top of the most important market news – while providing the odd snippet of insight in a way that is fast and easy to digest. Hence the feeling of being the “City A.M. generation.”

So whether it’s being able to deliver a better all-round communications to clients, reading a punchy political view from the editor, or simply just feeling like you are part of something from its inception, many happy returns City A.M!  Here’s to another decade and beyond of continuing to make train journeys more bearable for all.

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