instagramIt’s true. Instagram boasts 15 times more engagement than Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and the average user spends almost 260 minutes per month on its app. These statistics alone should open people’s eyes to the true marketing power of Instagram.

Instagram first launched in 2010 as a fun and unique way for users to share pictures in real time. The ability to share videos and use hashtags was incorporated later, as the network grew. While many people use Instagram to share pictures of their cat or show their misspelled name on a latte cup, companies now recognize Instagram’s potential and realize that it could be just as powerful as Facebook or Twitter.

B2B companies are still hesitant to join photo/video-sharing networks (such as Instagram and Pinterest) because they don’t think their messages are shareable in a visual way. Social media provides our clients with an opportunity to reach (and engage with) their target audience, and expose them to a wider audience they didn’t know they could reach.

One particular B2B company that’s using Instagram in an interesting way is FedEx. By sharing striking images of its employees delivering packages all over the world, it has built up 13.7k followers and one of the best engagement rates for a B2B company on Instagram. With this in mind, here are our top three reasons why B2B companies should join Instagram, as well as some quick tips on how to get started:

  • It’s easy to share content on other social networks. Like other social media sites, Instagram gives users options to alert other platforms about account activity. Companies can use Instagram to promote pictures from other social media networks to increase brand visibility, although don’t forget to link back to your company website!
  • Hashtags are powerful. To increase the visibility of your post, add hashtags related to your key messages – this can help build your audience. A popular Instagram hashtag is #TBT (Throwback Thursday) where users post old pictures. B2B companies can attach this hashtag to pictures of past employees, past company conferences or speaking engagements.
  • It shows creativity and helps to position clients as industry leaders. The options are endless: you can show off a new office building or showcase what goes on inside your company. Flaunt your products or services in use to encourage your audience connect with them. Find out what works best for you! Developing a B2B Instagram presence can help companies stand out from their competitors, especially if others aren’t using it yet.

Instagram allows our B2B clients to connect with their audience in a way that isn’t possible on other social media networks. As communications agencies move towards creating more visual content, now is the time to create your account.

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