By Anna de Grave – An opportunity arises and you land the perfect internship, but you’re unsure of what to expect. Internships receive mixed reviews, but don’t worry; not everyone ends up as an experienced photocopier.

Here are five things you’ll love about an internship at Aspectus:

1. Friendly people

Like most people on their first day as an intern, I felt a little nervous. However, when I opened the door at Aspectus, I was welcomed by friendly faces that were keen to come and get me involved. The nerves quickly subsided and I soon felt at ease.

2. Great teamwork

Aspectus is full of talented individuals who support each other, get the best results and have fun along the way. Despite long to-do lists, everyone will take the time to explain tasks, respond to questions (silly ones included) and make sure you feel comfortable. You really feel part of a team at Aspectus. Thanks to the people, the atmosphere in the office is the perfect juxtaposition of fast-paced and relaxed, making it the ideal environment to be creative, efficient and upbeat.

3. Variety

Are internships tedious? From my experience, this is a definite myth. Each day I enjoy a range of tasks where I can learn and practice a variety of different skills including: writing, researching, pitching, using social media platforms, improving software skills, brainstorming and producing innovative ideas. Given the scope of knowledge to be learnt, I am always being asked if I would like to try something else. People care about the tasks they give you, matching them to your strengths and what you enjoy. This is ideal for young graduates trying to discover the answers themselves.

4. A vertical learning curve

As you can probably tell, you will learn a lot here. Not only have I developed general PR skills, but in working with the energy team, I have gained more specialised knowledge and a keener interest in smart grids and cities, carbon capture, hybrid energy and renewables. I have picked up a whole new language. Terms like coverage, press release, bounce-backs, press lists, forward features, and many more are now a vital part of my everyday vocabulary. I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in the Aspectus Academy, lead by PR professionals. I’ve listened to advice from a design guru and got a feel for how a successful business runs. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the best at Aspectus.

5. Perks

Interning at Aspectus has many perks; one being the selection of edible treats including homemade fudge, chocolate, popcorn and pretzels. However, the office runs at a fast pace and creative people need food for thought, so be quick or there’ll be none left!

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