Work relationships are important, and let’s face it, so is food. So, what could be better than marrying the two to create team spirit and delicious creations? An agency outing cooking class of course!

Recently, our Aspectus PR team gathered at a lovely townhouse in NYC where we learned to cook some spectacular dishes including lemon risotto, leg of lamb, and chocolate soufflés (that were to die for). Upon arrival, our entire team (including our fearless leader, Bill) was put to work. Whether we were assigned to peeling vegetables, greasing the pans for our individual soufflés, or choosing the best wine paring for our meal, we all got involved.

The result was a fabulous three course meal that could have rivaled many of the top restaurants in NYC. More importantly, we all felt a sense of camaraderie that just can’t be garnered during daily activities in the office.

Building rapport and team spirit is critical within all industries, but particularly in the field of PR and communications. Rarely is it the brilliance of one individual that fosters success for a client, rather it is the joint efforts of an entire team.

Team building in the workplace contributes significantly to employee motivation and nurturing trust among employees, which ultimately ensures better productivity. It’s also been proven that employees who feel they are part of a team and that their ideas are being heard are much more likely to be productive. Additionally, a team is better adept in creating and analyzing solutions for any potential client issues as two or more heads are better than one and everyone has shared skin in the game.

At Aspectus, we recognize that the landscape for our clients is constantly changing. We need to be prepared to quickly adapt and pivot our strategies to be continuously successful in communicating our clients’ messages across all channels. And we firmly believe that team building not only helps to better position us to do just that but a whole lot more too.

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