Last week, the B2B Technology PR team at Aspectus PR jetted into Berlin for snom’s annual international PR strategy event. snom is a developer and manufacturer of industry-leading Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones for enterprise users, and its two-day event provides a fantastic opportunity to meet with the company’s PR partners from around the world and to brainstorm creative ideas for the coming year’s campaign.

It was fascinating to hear about the competitive landscape in the many different countries represented, as well as how public relations and social media is being used to support snom’s local sales teams and enhance the brand internationally. The event also provided further insight into how the PR industry as a whole has been impacted by the continued economic uncertainty.

Working out how our ideas could be translated and used across the various regional markets was challenging, but the solutions we settled on should provide snom with an even stronger global brand. And with all the partners coming together, it was rather fitting that snom’s interoperability programme was one of the key areas of the business that we were asked to brainstorm. It certainly provided us with a wealth of material and with the number of ideas flying around I reckon we could have brainstormed all week!

But it wasn’t all hard work. snom treated us to a delicious Turkish meal and we got to see a bit more of the original Berlin wall, which was just a few minutes’ walk away from snom’s headquarters and under which some of the team assembled for a photo opportunity (see picture above).

It was sad to say goodbye to everyone for another year, but we are really looking forward to putting some of the ideas we came up with into action.

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