TechTarget recently published a report on the philosophies and priorities of European IT senior management and its findings are very much in tune with the way in which we approach our PR and marketing campaigns here at Aspectus. Among the many useful insights, the report states that ‘European CIOs increasingly come from business backgrounds, or have spent time working in the business’.

Certainly, the role of the CIO is going through huge change at the moment, not least because of the slew of new technology trends – BYOD (bring your own device), Big Data, and cloud computing (utility pricing and ‘as a service’ delivery models) to name but a few – but also because these trends are driving a change in the way IT is perceived. Users are becoming increasingly adept at managing multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets, while business leaders see IT as more of a commoditised service.

This is an important finding because it reinforces the view that PR and marketing campaigns need to focus on business benefits rather than technical features and capabilities. The latter two are of course important factors when it comes to specifying a solution or piece of kit, but senior management are more interested in what a technology can do for their business and the impact it can have on the bottom line.

The best way to pique their interest is therefore to focus on practical examples of how they can harness new technology developments and trends to increase agility, efficiency and productivity and ultimately, transform their organisation into a more profitable and competitive business.

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