We work hard here at Aspectus. But every now and again, we know it’s good to let our hair down. In fact HR positively encourages it. So when a team made up of members of the FinTech PR practice and the Energy PR practice left a client office by the river on a sunny Friday afternoon and found itself right by the entrance to Monument, there was nothing else to do but climb up its 311 steps. MD, Alastair Turner, set off at a brisk pace, which he started to regret about 200 steps in, but with his leadership the team completed the tower in a very respectable four minutes. After a brief wander around the gallery at the top, the descent started – taking considerably longer than the ascent due to a few pairs of high heels teetering on the narrow steps. At the bottom, everyone was rewarded for their efforts with a great certificate detailing the history of the attraction.

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