Earlier this week RBI announced that it is to sell its flagship IT publication Computer Weekly (CW) to TechTarget. The latter will run CW as an online only magazine and news portal – ending 45 years of the title being in print. It will also be buying CW’s sister publication Microscope, which targets the IT channel.

When I first started out in PR for the IT sector (which is much farther back than I care to remember) there were three weekly trade publications that all of my clients wanted to be in: IT Week, Computer Weekly, and Computing. With RBI’s announcement that CW will now be published exclusively online, only Computing survives in hard copy format – and even this title has dropped to fortnightly rather than weekly distribution.

RBI has made no secret of its wish to offload CW, so this announcement does not come as a huge surprise. Times are tough for publishers and the readers of CW won’t have failed to notice the magazine getting thinner by the week.

Although it’s sad to think that one of the magazines I have read religiously throughout my career will no longer be landing on my desk every week, the move has a certain air of inevitability. The brand is simply moving with the times and, in an industry as fast moving as IT, professionals demand immediacy.

The proliferation of broadband, smartphones and tablet devices has made this possible. And as TechTarget heralds the beginning of a new era for the CW brand, I for one am very excited to see how it develops moving forward.

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