Did you ever see a new product and think ‘I wish that was my idea’?

Well, I did exactly that this morning when I happened across the Energy Egg, a simple enough device making use of sensor technology and wireless communications to switch off appliances. From TVs perpetually on stand-by, to irons left-on in a hurry, the Energy Egg takes action when it senses that appliances are no longer in use.

This is a great low-effort, low-cost install for people wishing to reduce their household carbon footprint, but who tend to struggle to get the whole family onboard the energy-saving tip. Indeed, what could be better for all the parents out there who are in constant battle with the wasteful habits of their children? Or for couples who argue about the importance or irrelevance of leaving the computer on standby all night? Who knows, it might even prevent a few fires too, by switching off those hair straighteners left hanging precariously over the edge of the bed.

Being a PR agency specialising in energy, we encounter many energy-saving gadgets, but this one has really piqued our interest. We anticipate a big pick up for the Energy Egg (perhaps the Easter Bunny should take note?) and hope to see more products coming from the company producing it, TreeGreen.

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