oil extractionHere at Aspectus PR we are cleantech evangelists. We believe in sustainable living, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting a cleaner, greener world.

However, we are also pragmatists. With many clean technologies that could prove vital to our future energy landscape still under development, an efficient renewable energy network is a number of years, if not decades away. And until we are able to produce enough renewable energy, connect power plants to a smart grid network, and transmit energy into people’s homes more efficiently, the simple fact is that, like it or not – we need fossil fuels.

The Economist proclaimed ‘The End of the Oil Age’ in 2003 but, realistically, this statement has proved somewhat premature. What is clear however is that we need our oil extraction activities to be focused on squeezing every last useable drop out of existing oilfields to avoid the carbon expenditure necessary to prospect and open more.

That’s why it was great to listen to Shell’s Rob Kleibergen talk at the Royal Geological Society last week. Although Kleibergen said fossil fuels will be used for years to come, and that many new oilfields will be discovered and the oil extracted, he gave a fascinating insight into the technology innovations aiming to boost the average percentage of total oil extracted from each existing site. While the search for new reserves will continue, the hope is that new technologies can help extract every last drop from existing sites, so that the renewable network will come into its own long before too many new sites are drilled.

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