A sigh of relief that the World Cup is finally over is being breathed in many corners. That’s not just from people who loathe football (they do exist), but from others who have been locked out of the media for the last few weeks. But now that the vuvuzelas have been binned and the World Cup taken to Spain where it belongs, stand by for a rush to fill the news vacuum.

First in the queue was, of course, Peter Mandelson with his memoirs ‘The Third Man’. Lord Mandelson claims that he has published his memoirs now to help the Labour Party learn from its mistakes before the members select a new leader in September. How thoughtful of him.

Much more interesting though is that Haiti is finally back on the news agenda. Just two per cent of $5.3billion in aid pledges has actually been delivered. A million people are still living in tents. Crime, particularly rape, is rife. A tiny fraction of the rubble has been cleared from the streets. Despite the best efforts of local aid agencies, Haiti remains an open wound six months after the earthquake.

You didn’t know? No, nor did most people. Pity we all had to wait for the World Cup to finish before there is enough space in the media for the shameful situation in Haiti to be given the proper exposure it deserves.

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