Blockchain technologies are being implemented across a wide array of sectors as the world enters Web3. Consequently, there is now a growing demand for blockchain PR to help organisations optimise their media presence and streamline their communications.

From cryptocurrencies to pay-to-earn gaming, our blockchain marketing team is abreast of all things Web3 and ready to consult on a range of subject matters and media opportunities. We track regulation legislation, follow market reports, build our relations with all the right blockchain journalists and much more so that we don’t miss a thing. As well as mastering our relations with key crypto titles, we also strive to make our clients’ brands known to the nationals and B2B publications.

The unique and ever-evolving nature of blockchain provides the perfect conditions for us to do what we do best, find creative and original ways to secure top tier media coverage and execute unprecedented and informative campaigns. From re-shaping public perceptions of NFTs to generating personable and insightful profiles of blockchain executives, we are a blockchain PR agency that is bold in our storytelling of a sometimes-complex industry. Blockchain marketing is in its infancy, but we pride ourselves in constantly finding new ways to demonstrate the industry’s value.

Blockchain is in a transitional phase as Web3 nears us. Brands need the help of blockchain PR agencies going forward to garner and ensure public trust as the industry increasingly receives more mainstream attention. Our Web3 marketing strategies do this by getting the important stories to the right audiences; whether it be education surrounding regulation or how to make web3 sustainable. We facilitate these brands’ efforts to cultivate a positive, forward-thinking image of the industry.

Let us help you with your blockchain marketing and PR, and make sure your brand is ready for the Web3 revolution.

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